Generally in Africa, majority of the populace is obsessed with the idea of post-secondary learning as the silver bullet in the access, retention and advancement of careers and professional development. This in turn has led to a stiff competition between institutions of higher learning whose critical focus has been reduced to churning out graduates, majority of whom, lack relevant workplace competencies and skills.

Even amateurs agree that graduates from most of our institutions of higher learning lack sufficient competencies and necessary skills at the workplace. Even for those who do possess them, the modern day workplace is dynamic and its demands are ever-changing necessitating a continuous deliberate effort for the enhancement of the workplace skills so as to remain relevant and competitive.

Many employers today are yearning for graduates who not only show up at the workplace with “paper qualification” but with the requisite skills for the expected tasks. Unfortunately, there has been little investment on skill based learning particularly in our institutions of higher learning. This is the gap the Career & Professional Institute (CPDI) is bridging in Kenya.